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Yuan Wang 5, a Chinese “spy ship,” docks in Sri Lanka. Is India’s security is in danger? Read the article to know more…

Despite Indian concerns , a Chinese research ship has anchored in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port.

Yuan Wang 5, a Chinese “spy ship,” docks in Sri Lanka. Is India’s security is in danger?.. According to port officials – the Yuan Wang 5 was given permission to dock under the condition that it wouldn’t conduct research while in Sri Lankan seas.

According to reports in the media, India has previously expressed worries that the ship would be used to spy on its operations.

The ship will be permitted to stay at the Chinese-operated port until August 22, according to Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry.

The Yuan Wang 5 is one of China’s newest generation space-tracking ships. Especially designed to follow satellite, rocket, and intercontinental ballistic missile launches, according to foreign security analysts cited by Reuters.

It was referred to be a “dual-use espionage ship” in a number of Indian media stories. It is referred to as a research and survey vessel on shipping analytics websites.


According to a report by the Indian news outlet NDTV, the Delhi administration was worried that “the ship’s monitoring equipment would try to eavesdrop on Indian installations while it’s on its way to Sri Lanka.”

A spokeswoman for the Indian foreign ministry earlier in July stated that Delhi was keeping an eye on the ship’s intended arrival. Also it will safeguard its security and economic interests.

India reportedly verbally protested the ship’s arrival to Sri Lanka, according to a Reuters report.

Hambantota port sri lanka

In Sri Lanka, which is in a crisis, is India overtaking China?

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry requested China to postpone the ship’s port visit earlier this month. Asking for the need for “additional talks.”

China reacted, claiming that it was “absolutely wrong for certain nations to invoke so-called’security concerns’ to coerce Sri Lanka,” though it omitted naming any particular nation. Later, Sri Lanka said that the boat will be permitted to dock.




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