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Why no one has been able to ascend Mount Kailash. Is there any presence of supernatural power?

It is said that Lord Shiva’s sacred dwelling is Mount Kailash. According to legend, he lives here in an endless state of meditation alongside his wife Parvati and his cherished car Nandi.

Mount Kailash has yet to be climbed by anyone. Hindi translation of “Kailash Mountain Mysteries” Kailash Parvat is also known as the “Ladder of Heaven.” The most challenging mountain range is this one. A 22,000-foot barrier separates Mount Kailash from the Tibetan Plateau, which is regarded as being largely inaccessible. Mount Kailash represents Mount Meru physically to both Hindus and Buddhists. No one has ever succeeded in climbing Mount Kailash in Tibet, which is located at a height of roughly 6,656 metres above sea level.

Ancient monasteries and caves are said to exist all around Mount Meru, according to Buddhist and Hindu literature. They house the holy sages in both their material and spiritual bodies. These caves are only visible to a select few people. It is said that Lord Shiva’s sacred dwelling is Mount Kailash. According to legend, he lives here in an endless state of meditation alongside his wife Parvati and his cherished car Nandi.

Ascent of Kailash Mountain

mount kailash

Thousands of pilgrims visit Tibet each year to make the journey to the revered Mount Kailash. Only a small number of visitors to this region successfully complete the sacred peak’s circumambulation. There have been a few brave climbers who have attempted to reach the summit, but none have done it thus far.

Why don’t people climb to the mountain’s summit?

Hindus restrict climbing Mount Kailash all the way to the top out of respect for the mountain’s holiness and to avoid upsetting the heavenly force that resides there. Tibetan folklore claims that Milarepa, a monk, once travelled great distances to ascend Mount Meru. He warned everyone to stay away from upsetting the Lord while he was resting on the mountain when he came back.

In close proximity to Mount Kailash are the two stunning lakes Mansarovar and Rakshasa Tal. At a height of 14,950 feet from both, Mansarovar is located. The lake is regarded as the tallest freshwater lake in the world. In contrast to the demon Tala, who was born as a result of Ravana, the demon king. Performed extreme penance in order to appease Lord Shiva, Mansarovar has a profound spiritual significance.

After coming back from this mountain vacation, don’t be astonished if you notice that your fingernails or hair have grown a few millimetres. Visitors and pilgrims have discovered that the wind from this historic peak hastens ageing.

(Disclaimer: This narrative contains elements of mythological beliefs. Scriptures from the Buddhist and Hindu faiths have certain items incorporated. Despite the fact that scientists are also interested in a few riddles connected to this.)

10 Secrets of Mount Kailash That Even NASA Scientists Were Surprised By

top 10 secrets of mount kailash

  • 1.The Earth’s centre

On opposite sides of Earth, there is a North Pole and a South Pole. Between the two is where the Himalayas are located. The Himalayas’ geographic centre is Mount Kailash. It is the centre of the Earth, say experts. All four of the world’s major religions—Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism—center on Mount Kailash.

  • 2.Supernatural power hubs

It is also a facility known as Axis Mundi (Cosmic axis). Axis Mundi refers to both the geographic pole’s centre and the globe’s celestial or navel pole. The meeting place of the 10 directions is where the sky and the earth are connected. Axis Mundi is where supernatural forces circulate, and you can also communicate with those powers, according to Rasiya scientists.

  • 3.To date, nobody has scaled Mount Kailash’s peak.

Although it is banned to ride Kailash, Milarepa, a Tibetan Buddhist yogi, did so in the 11th century. Milarepa made no mention of this.

Secrets of Mount Kailash

  • 4.Mountain with a pyramidal shape

On Mount Kailash, there is a huge pyramid that serves as the focal point for 100 smaller pyramids. Mount Kailash is shaped like the four great compass points. It is located in a remote area without any other mountains.

  • 5.Distinctive lake shapes

Mansarovar, one of the world’s purest water lakes with a size that puts it in front of the sun, is the first. The second is the “lake dubbed Monster,” one of the world’s highest saltwater lakes with a shape that resembles the moon. It is unclear if these lakes were created artificially or naturally, but they both display sun and lunar influences that are connected to positive and negative energy.

  • 6.The source of all rivers

Four rivers—the Brahmaputra, Indus, Sutlej, and Karnali—emerged from Mount Kailash’s four directions. These rivers are also the sources of other rivers in China, such as the Ganges Saraswati.

The faces of various animals, from which the rivers derive, can be seen in Kailas’ four directions: the face of the horse is in the east, the face of the elephant is in the west, the lion is in the north, and the face of the peacock is in the south.

Further Secrets

  • 7.Dwelling place of saintly souls

Here, only righteous souls may reside. According to legend, when Rasiya scientists who had studied the Kailash Mountains and its surroundings came into contact with Tibetan religious leaders in temples, they claimed that Mount Kailas is surrounded by a flow of magical energy. In which spiritual gurus can still be reached telepathically by ascetics.

  • 8.Human mystery

According to the Himalayan population, there are people living in the Himalayas. It is widely believed that this creature—whom some refer to as a brown bear, others as a wild person, yet others as a snowman—kills and eats humans. In the past 20 years, more than 30 scientists have asserted that snow humans can be located in the Himalayan regions covered in snow.

  • 9.Voice of Om and Damru

If you visit the area around Mount Kailash or Lake Manasarovar, you may frequently hear a sound that sounds like an aeroplane is flying close by, but upon closer inspection, it is actually the sound of Damru or Om. The sound of Om may be heard from this location because to an interplay between light and sound, according to scientists, or it may be the sound of ice melting.

  • 10.There is light in the sky.

There are reports of seven different kinds of lights glowing in Mount Kailash’s sky frequently. The magnetic force at this place, according to NASA experts, may have caused this. Such phenomena can be created repeatedly here where the magnetic force meets the sky. Whatever the friends’ motivations may be, the world continues to be in the dark about them. It is claimed that unless you join him, no one can truly understand the glory of God Bhole.




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