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Who was Anna Mani, and why is Google remembering her today?

Personally speaking on what we have heard about Anna Mani, she prefers country before herself. She was of very kind nature.

Google honours Anna Mani’s birthday with a Google Doodle. Do you know who was Anna Mani? What has she done for the country? What makes her famous? To learn more, read this article.

Mani was a highly innovative scientist; she is known for her contributions to Indian weather forecasting and renewable energy research.

On Tuesday, August 23, Google Doodle will commemorate the 104th birthday of renowned but underappreciated physicist and meteorologist Anna Mani. She is a household name in Indian physics, and her work has enabled us to make accurate weather predictions.

About Anna Mani’s life

Mani was born in the former state of Travancore, now known as Kerala, in 1918 in Peermade.

Her father was a civil engineer and the owner of cardamon estates. She was the seventh of eight children, and she was an avid reader.

Mahatma Gandhi’s visit to her hometown in 1925 left an indelible impression on her.

Mani decided to wear homespun cotton clothing – khadi – as a symbol of her nationalist feelings as a result of her visit.

She had read almost every book available at her local public library by the age of 12 and had developed a strong desire to pursue higher education.

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Her career after she returned to India

Three years later, in 1948, Mani returned to India and joined the Indian Meteorological Department.

Simple instruments such as thermometers were imported prior to 1947. During her tenure at the department, she assisted the country in the manufacture of weather instruments, and in 1953, she was appointed division head.

She worked with 121 men under her command and assembled a team of Indian scientists and engineers to complete the task.

The scientists created standard drawings for nearly 100 different weather instruments and began mass production. Mani was particularly interested in solar energy and established a network of solar radiation measurement stations in India.

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