Liz Cheney claims that a new political organisation will target Trump supporters.

Liz Cheney stated on Sunday that her priorities after leaving Congress would not be just opposing former President Donald Trump.

"I'm going to be extremely concentrating on ensuring that we don't elect election deniers," Ms. Cheney said.

Ms. Cheney was the most visible of the House Republicans who supported to impeach President Trump on an allegation of inciting violence.

Ms. Cheney's status as a strong critic of Mr. Trump, as well as her supposed capacity to collect funds, have sparked widespread curiosity in her future political actions.

Ms. Cheney did not elaborate on the possibility of her running for president in 2024.

Ms. Cheney's overwhelming primary defeat last week demonstrated Mr. Trump's capacity to alter the Republican Party.

The Senate elections this fall will be another litmus test for Mr. Trump's power.

Her statements may convert into favor for Democratic candidates in some contests if she took action this year.

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