After 25 years of marriage, Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin divorce. Reason?

The Rocky star, 76, and fashion model, 54, were engaged for 25 years until splitting up.

Sly was seen on Instagram getting his wife's tattoo covered up, confirming the rumours.

Sly had a massive photo of his wife tattooed on his arm for many years, and tattoo artist Zach Perez said that Sly covered it up.

Instead of maintaining Jennifer's photo, Sly replaces it with one of his Rottweiler, Butkus.

While the couple has separated, they will remain in one other's life because they have three kids together.

Jennifer also published a rather mysterious Instagram image with her three children before to the breakup.

Jennifer filed for divorce, accusing Sly of' moving assets from marital coffers.'

Sylvester Stallone claims he and Jennifer Flavin are discussing personal issues "amicably" despite their divorce filing.

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