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Top Netflix Movies And Series: What Will Be Popular in September 2022?

Netflix is by far the most active streaming platform. The world’s most popular streaming service adds hundreds of new Netflix movies to its digital library every week and month.

Which makes picking a movie…interesting. Difficult. But perhaps I can assist. I combed through every new movie added to Netflix in September and chose ten of my favourites. Check each of them in this article.

The weekend has arrived once more, and there’s a good chance that many people are looking to consume some content. And, as is customary, the Netflix Top 10 lists can provide some viewing options. This was a big week for the streaming service because it saw the release of a big movie and the long-awaited return of one of the company’s signature TV shows. Both titles were released on Friday, and as a result, they’ve caused a few changes to the list. So, without further ado, let’s see what’s trending this Saturday.

Top 10 Netflix Movies in the United States – September, 2022

End of the Road, a roadtrip thriller starring Queen Latifah, has taken the top spot among Netflix movies. The film replaced Jared Leto’s Morbius, which had social media buzzing when it returned to theatres in June for a second run. So it’s “Morbin’ Time” for the superhero movie to settle for second place in the box office. Despicable Me 2, which was one spot higher just yesterday, takes third place. And, ironically, it is immediately followed by Despicable Me, which has risen from sixth to fourth place. No. 5 now belongs to the brutally reviewed comedy Me Time, as the film has fallen back two spots.

Love in the Villa, which was in fourth place just a few days ago, is now in sixth place. Sing 2 saw a slight improvement, moving up from eighth to seventh place. The classic Ice Cube film Friday, a new addition to the list, is at No. 8. This is 40 is still holding on, though the comedy has dropped to ninth place after being in fifth by the end of the week. Next Friday, the sequel to the aforementioned comedy, is ranked tenth and final in the rankings.

  • 1. Sing 2
  • 2. Morbius
  • 3. Despicable Me 2
  • 4. Despicable Me
  • 5. End of the Road
  • 6. This is 40
  • 7. Me Time
  • 8. Next Friday
  • 9. Love in the Villa
  • 10. Friday

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Top 10 Netflix TV Shows in the United States – September, 2022

Cobra Kai Season 5 premiered on Friday, with new and returning cast members, and the sports dramedy series is now in first place. Fans of Karate Kid have been anticipating the show’s return, and it has not disappointed. Previous No. 1 title Devil in Ohio drops to second place and is one of Netflix’s most intriguing shows. The Imperfects have moved up to third place after being one spot higher just 24 hours ago. I Survived a Crime remains in fourth place, while newcomer Dated & Related has moved up to fifth.

Series of prestige on Netflix The Crown has joined the list, and the increase in interest is likely related to Queen Elizabeth II’s death this week. Following a stint at No. 5, Partner Track is ranked seventh after the Royal Family-centered show. Call the Midwife is currently ranked eighth, having dropped one spot. Echoes, which was fifth yesterday, is now ninth. Finally, Stranger Things maintains tenth place despite a two-spot drop.

  • 1. Cobra Kai
  • 2. Dated & Related
  • 3. The Crown
  • 4. Partner Track
  • 5. Devil in Ohio
  • 6. The Imperfects
  • 7. I Survived a Crime
  • 8. Stranger Things
  • 9. Echoes
  • 10. Call the Midwife

All these web series and movies are the best top 10 that are trending on Netflix in September 2022, you should not miss it. Go and watch it now.

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