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The Passion of the Christ 2 is coming in 2024: Cast, Plot

According to star Jim Caviezel, The Passion of the Christ 2 will be the “Biggest Film in World History.”

The Passion of the Christ was released in 2004 and quickly became known for being one of the most brutal biblical films ever made. It is also regarded as one of the most successful and divisive films about Christianity ever made. Because of its well-known subject matter, it has sparked public debate. It depicts one of Western culture’s most recognisable images (Jesus on the cross) and forces us to violently reconsider something we see every day.

Nobody expected The Passion of the Christ to perform as well as it did at the box office. Nonetheless, Gibson’s depiction of Christ’s final twelve hours struck a chord with audiences all over the world. Randall Wallace, the film’s writer, has previously hinted that a sequel is in the works, describing the project as the “Mount Everest of Movies.”

Unfortunately for James Caviezel, playing Jesus proved to be a two-edged sword. While the film introduced him to a global audience, it also typecast him in a role that made it difficult for audiences to accept him playing any other ordinary character later in his career. Nonetheless, Caviezel expressed his confidence in his decision to play Jesus.

Since the release of The Passion of the Christ in theatres, the world has changed dramatically. The film itself sparked considerable debate due to depictions of violence and the Jewish community. Despite its detractors, Caviezel believes the film’s significant gap in cinema history has never been filled, and he is eager to correct that oversight.

The Passion of the Christ 2 Resurrection: The Plot

It is a risky subject to tackle when depicting Jesus Christ’s Resurrection. Most filmmakers would be immediately chastised for potentially incorrect stylistic choices. But Mel Gibson, more than most, has earned enough respect from the Christian community to have some leeway. Of course, this is a good thing. This event in the Bible, in addition to being the crux of an entire faith, is also quite limited in description. As a result, there is a lot of room for creativity here.

Gibson, on the other hand, has a few options. The Bible says very little about what happened between Jesus’ death and resurrection, other than that he descended into hell before rising into heaven. Despite the fact that The Bible provides little information, there are other works of literature that have become so integrated with Western religious culture that people sometimes confuse their events with canonical works. In this regard, Dante’s Divine Comedy would be Gibson’s most valuable resource. While the word “Hell” does not appear in the “New Testament,” Dante’s Inferno is rich with descriptions of what Hell looks like and lists of which ancient philosophers have taken up residence there.

He could also use Milton’s Paradise Lost to describe Heaven and Hell if he so desired. The epic poem contains imagery that has already permeated popular culture. Perhaps Gibson is taking so long to work on the film because he has been studying both of these massive tomes.

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Resurrection: The Cast

Jim Caviezel will return to the role of Jesus. Maia Morgenstern returns as Mary, Francesco De Vito as Peter, and Christo Jivkov as John. In a 2020 interview with Breitbart, Jim Caviezel stated that he had received the third draught of the script. This confirms that the film was indeed in the works. And, once again, he believes it will be the best film ever made.

However, those involved in the film deliberately keep information close to their chest. Because so much of the film is still in the works, any statements about it could put a damper on production. Despite the fact that the script has gone through several revisions, Gibson appears committed to making this film. No one can blame him for trying to get it right if it is to be his magnum opus. But for the time being, all we have is conjecture.

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