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The greatest drought in 500 years has hit Europe.

The greatest drought in 500 years has hit europe . In this article we will discuss about the same topic. Read full article to know more about the topic.

The drought that is currently affecting two-thirds of Europe is reportedly the worst in 500 years.

According to the most recent assessment from the Global Drought Observatory, soil has dried up across 47% of the continent.

Another 17% of the vegetation is “on alert,” which means it “shows indications of stress.”

According to the report, the dry period would reduce crop output, cause wildfires, and might extend for several more months in some southern regions of Europe.

Compared with the average of the previous five years, EU forecasts for harvest are down 16% for grain maize, 15% for soybeans and 12% for sunflowers.

The research division of the European Commission houses the drought observatory. In response, the Commission issued a warning that the “current drought still appears to be the worst since at least 500 years” according to early data.

According to Research Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, the current temperatures and water shortages have “put an unprecedented burden on water levels in the entire EU.”

“Currently, we are observing a wildfire season that is noticeably above average and having a significant effect on crop productivity. Every year, there is undoubtedly more evidence of climate change “Added she.

Nearly all of Europe’s rivers have partially dried up, according to the report.

Dry rivers are having an adverse effect on the energy sector, which is already in trouble, in addition to the obvious effects on boats. According to the research, hydroelectric power has decreased by a considerable 20%.

Many areas have experienced “extreme drought” all year, but it “has been further extending and intensifying as of early August,” according to the report. Along the European Mediterranean, the conditions are projected to last until at least November of this year.

According to the report, conditions are getting worse in a number of nations, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania, Hungary, northern Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

The experts’ stern warning comes in response to Europe’s rivers swiftly receding, which has revealed ancient artefacts like so-called “hunger stones” that warned of impending starvation and sunken Nazi ships during World War Two.

In the UK, where numerous districts have an official drought declaration, some trees have changed to an autumnal hue of auburn, in what is known as a “fake autumn” because of the heat.

In this article we have discussed about how drought has hit europe which is record high in 500 years.

Greatest drought in Europe




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