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The controversy surrounding the video of Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin partying

Sanna Marin of Finland has been seen frequently at music festivals and nightclubs since taking office. This created a controversy within her political party and from oppositions that she was holding office while partying.

Sanna Marin, the Prime Minister of Finland, was embroiled in controversy this week after a video of the 36-year-old leader partying and dancing with her friends was leaked on social media. Marin has since faced widespread condemnation from the public and opposition parties, with some leaders demanding that she submit to a drug test.

Marin, one of the world’s youngest prime ministers at 36, has denied all allegations of drug use and has stated that she is willing to take a drug test if necessary. “I have nothing to conceal. “I’ve never used drugs,” she declared at a press conference on Thursday.

This is not only the first time the young prime minister has been chastised for his excessive partying. She was chastised last year for going to a nightclub despite having contact with the country’s foreign minister, Pekka Haavisto, who had contracted Covid-19.

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Sanna Marin statement and her career

According to the media, she defended her actions in comments to reporters: “I have a family life, a professional life, and free time to spend with my friends. The same as many other people my age.”

“I’m going to be exactly the same person I’ve been up until now, and I hope that’s okay,” Marin added.

Sanna Marin is the world’s youngest prime minister, and since taking office, he has made frequent appearances at music festivals and nightclubs.

Supporters argue that Marin’s frequent parties with celebrities bring youth and a sense of cool to the office, while detractors argue that the public exposure and lack of professionalism are unfit for a world leader.

Marin, who previously served as Transport Minister in Finland, was sworn in as the country’s prime minister in 2019.

Marin’s political career began when she was only 20 years old. She was already running for a council seat in Tampere, a city north of Helsinki, two years later. Also She was elected to the House of Commons in 2015. She has been praised as Prime Minister for her strong stance against Russia’s war on Ukraine and for spearheading Finland’s efforts to join NATO.

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