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Tesla Models to Come in the Future

Check out the top 5 best Tesla Models that are coming in future, read this article full to know about it.

Electric vehicles would need to succeed in multiple market segments to have a significant impact on air quality. In other words, electric pickups, as well as luxury SUVs and smaller sedans, would be required. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, acknowledged this when he unveiled the second half of the company’s ambitious master plan in 2016.

Musk mentioned the need for “heavy-duty trucks and high passenger-density urban transport” that run on electricity, among other things. He even stated that Tesla is already working on a few examples and that they will be ready to reveal them to the public in 2017. Naturally, you don’t want to hold your breath or set a date in stone, but it does get you thinking about the possibilities for electric vehicles.

With that in mind, we devised a list of ten vehicles that Tesla could produce over the next decade, many of which Musk has suggested or confirmed in speeches and blog posts. For the rest, we imagined what path a successful EV manufacturer might take in the 2020s. The future appears to be exciting.

 Tesla Model 3

We’ll start with the most certain. Tesla Model 3 dominated auto news for a month after its release, and interest has yet to wane. While the final draught is still being worked on, several hundred thousand people have put down $1,000 to be included on the list. Tesla promises a range of at least 215 miles, excellent acceleration, and a starting price of $35,000 before incentives. As far as EVs go in 2017, this is the best.

Tesla pickup truck

If you look at the best-selling vehicles over the last five years, you’ll notice that pickup trucks have dominated the market. Every year, automakers sell millions of vehicles, the majority of which get less than 20 miles per gallon. As a result, you can see what kind of effect an electric pickup would have on emissions. Musk has stated that Tesla intends to produce one, so this vehicle may see the light of day. We imagine it as a cross between the two Mercedes-Benz pickup concepts from 2016 (one for work, one for style). Our guess is that it will not be like a Chevrolet Silverado.

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Tesla Roadster 2.0

The original Tesla roadster was a vehicle designed to put the company on the map — a high-priced, high-performance model created out of necessity for the 1%. It did, however, get Tesla some money to start working on its Model S, so it clearly accomplished its goal. After the EV manufacturer completes its next task list, you’d think engineers would revisit their creation, this time making it a true supercar. Why not hit a home run and out-Porsche Porsche? We don’t know if Tesla will take this approach, but Musk has stated that the Roadster 2.0 will be released at some point.

Tesla minibus

A small electric bus is another possible future Tesla model. Musk discussed the need for smaller public buses with better interior space utilisation. In his vision, they would be self-driving, transporting passengers to their destinations in urban areas. There would be no centre aisle or steering wheel, but there would be space for wheelchairs and bikes. They’d also be able to take customers door to door. We imagine it as a smaller version of the Volkswagen I.D. Buzz, which debuted at the Detroit Auto Show.

Tesla semi-truck

A heavy-duty hauler is another possible future for Tesla. Musk stated that the company’s semi truck would provide “a significant reduction in the cost of cargo transport” while also improving drive character and safety features. States seeking to meet emissions targets, as well as hauling companies seeking to reduce operating costs, would be interested in such a product. Nikola introduced a semi-truck with electric motors powered by natural gas turbines in 2016, and we anticipate that a Tesla product will have some similarities to it.

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