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Asia Cup 2022: Rohit Sharma says the team doesn’t want to build up the India vs. Pakistan match.

Instead of dwelling too much on Pakistan, Rohit Sharma urges Indian players to “concentrate on the game and what we need to achieve as individuals.”


On August 28, India will play their opening Asia Cup 2022 match against arch-rivals Pakistan. Despite the excitement surrounding the game, Rohit Sharma, India’s captain, believes that the match would be “simply a game of cricket.”

Rohit continued, “With regard to the forthcoming game, the squad wants to maintain the attention on the game and not the opposition.”

Obviously, the game is incredibly exciting. The India-Pakistan match is highly popular with viewers. It is without a doubt a high-pressure game, but I believe that as a club, we strive to foster a relaxed attitude. We don’t want to overexcite ourselves over this game. Let the outside media hype the match; that is their job. For us, though, it’s just a game of cricket and a struggle between bat and ball that we must win, Rohit stated on Star Sports’ “Follow The Blues.”

“I believe it is necessary for us, Rahul bhai and I, to speak with the players who have not faced them or have only faced them in a few games to let them know that they would be another opposition we will face. It will be the same for us as every previous India-Pakistan encounter; we must concentrate on the match and our individual responsibilities.

India last faced Pakistan at the T20 World Cup in 2021, where they were defeated by ten wickets. Additionally, it was India’s first World Cup loss to Pakistan. Rohit has replaced Virat Kohli as the captain of India, who held the position last year.

Rohit also discussed his responsibility as captain, which, in his opinion, is knowing what his team members need when they are having trouble with their form.

Naturally, for me it’s just about swiftly adapting to specific people and then figuring out what they need, what their strong points are, and where their weaknesses are, he said.

“Try to let them know your thoughts and work with them; be very clear about what the team expects of that person.

“That is where the individual can flourish because when we make it clear what the team expects from him, he will be able to go towards that direction and he can enhance his game as well,” the coach said.




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