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Mitsubishi XFC Concept: Launch Date, Specifications, Price, Updates 2022

Mitsubishi XFC Concept: Launching Date, Specifications, Price, Updates 2022: In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation unveiled the compact SUV concept car known as the Mitsubishi XFC Concept. At the Vietnam Motor Show in 2022, the vehicle will be on show.

The upcoming Creta challenger from Mitsubishi has been previewed by the company’s newest XFC SUV concept. This new SUV, which will make its debut at the forthcoming Vietnam Motor Show in 2022, will first be offered in the Vietnamese market before expanding to other ASEAN nations where the Hyundai Creta is gaining popularity. The production-spec version will provide a variety of gasoline engine choices and perhaps a moderate hybrid drivetrain as well.

Mitsubishi XFC Concept

Mitsubishi XFC Concept Features

The Mitsubishi XFC Concept adheres to Mitsubishi Motors’ design ethos of Robust & Ingenious by fusing a tiny yet intimidating SUV aura with a smooth surface that forms one continuous flow that begins at the front three-diamond logo and extends to the sides and rear. This gives it a fashionable and athletic profile to go with the ASEAN region’s urban environments. Additionally, the Mitsubishi XFC Concept emphasizes toughness and agility while sporting an original SUV style that sticks out in outdoor environments. This is made possible by having plenty of ground clearance and wide wheels, which improve road handling on uneven roads.

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While the XFC Concept has a distinctive appearance, closer examination reveals hints of SUV design features that are inspired by Renault, particularly the cabin and dashboard arrangement. Not surprisingly, Mitsubishi offers models that were jointly developed with Renault Nissan in order to assist reduce costs. Mitsubishi is a member of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The most recent Mitsubishi ASX, which went on sale in Europe, is based on the Renault Captur built to European specifications. In terms of the SUV’s platform, the Mitsubishi Xpander MPV, which is also offered in Vietnam and the ASEAN area, may share some similarities with the SUV.

Watch Mitsubishi XFC Concept Showcase

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