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Marvel Studios Secret Invasion: Movie release date, Trailer, Story, Cast & more

Marvel Studios Secret Invasion: Movie release date, Trailer, Story, Cast & more

Marvel is now ready with another project i.e. Secret Invasion, the tailer is now made live for the public on YouTube. Read complete article to know more about the Secret Invasion and the Trailer link is dropped in the end of Blog.

Course of the most recent July, Marvel Studios revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con that now the awaited series Secret Invasion would launch on Disney+ in early 2023, and the first official teaser was shown today at the D23 Expo, albeit no particular premiere date was given.

During the event, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed regarding Marvel Studios Secret Invasion would be available on Disney+ OTT in Spring 2023.

MCU veteran Samuel L. Jackson, he is already been a part of the series since 2008 (post-credit sequence of Iron Man), returns as Nick Fury inside the adaptation of the well-known comic book that bears the same name.

Read complete article to learn about the movie with public rating and short review.

Marvel Studios Secret Invasion

Critics View:

Footage shown in the room emphasised the MCU’s darker tone, with the beginning clip depicting a dialogue between Hill & Fury – he’s been away from years avoiding her calls, but now he returned because the danger is too big. But how horrible is it really? As matters between the two men become strained, Fury is shown questioning James “Rhodey” Rhodes — nicknamed War Machine — how well he understands his assigned bodyguard.

The Captain Marvel film and Spider-Man: Far From Home’s post-credit scene have set the stage for this new programme based on the popular comic book. Samuel L. Jackson would resume his legendary role as Nick Fury, which he has performed since the start of the MCU, & Ben Mendelsohn would reprise his part as Talos, which he portrayed in Captain Marvel.

Kyle Bradstreet developed the series, which is based somewhat on Secret Invasion comic book written by Brian Michael Bendis & Leinil Francis Yu. This mini-series will include 6 Episodes and will be broadcasted in the beginning of the year 2023.

Read the entire article to learn more about it, including its Rating, Cast, Story, and Launch Date 2022.

Marvel Studios Secret Invasion Movie release date & trailer

THEATRE RELEASE DATEBeginning of year 2023
OTT Release DateNot available till now
Genre(s)Action · Adventure · Drama · Mystery · Sci-Fi · Thriller
Budget$80 million
DirectorThomas Bezucha
Producer(s)Jonathan Schwartz
Starring (Cast)Samuel L. Jackson
Ben Mendelsohn
Kingsley Ben-Adir
Emilia Clarke
Olivia Colman

Marvel Studios Secret Invasion

Marvel Studios Secret Invasion

Marvel Studios Secret Invasion



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