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A Liquid-cooled Motor Made in India Is More Realistic

The first TechDay was hosted by Ahmedabad-based EV firm Matter, which also revealed that its first electric motorcycle will go on sale to the general public in November 2022. The business also declared that the patents for its two products, a Dual Mode converter and a Matter Drive 1.0 motor, had been accepted.

A radial flux motor called the Matter Drive 1.0 is advertised as being lightweight and having the best torque delivery. Its liquid cooling technology allows for the simultaneous cooling of multiple components, which should improve performance while also making it safer and more efficient.

Liquid-cooled Motor

With the help of Matter’s Charge 1.0, electric vehicles may be charged from any single- or three-phase AC power source with fewer parts. Because of this, Matter might improve battery efficiency and density while lowering production costs.

Additionally, Matter is working to obtain more patents for its controls, power supply, charger, powertrain, and other relevant technology. Keep an eye out for more coverage of what could be India’s first liquid-cooled electric motorcycle in the coming days.




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