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Jr NTR, the star of ‘RRR,’ might be one of the possible contenders for Oscar.

Jr NTR, the star of ‘RRR,’ might be one of the possible contenders for Oscar.

The largest film of the year thus far has to be ‘RRR,’ and while some may dispute that it is or is not in terms of numbers in contrast to another massive hit, ‘KGF-2,’ the argument made is more about the film’s acceptability among non-Indian audiences.

The film, which starred two South celebrities, Jr. N.T.R. and Ramcharan, conquered the Indian market on its opening day. The movie, directed by sir SS Rajamouli, has won the hearts of millions of Indians. His name has now become associated with big stars, large production, and outstanding narrative.


But what distinguishes this film from others is that it was able to attract white audiences, particularly from the United States, many of whom were being introduced to Indian cinema for the first time, and their emotions have been remarkable. It is hardly an exaggeration to state that ‘RRR’ also blew the brains of the American audience and demonstrated the sort of movie India can produce.

RRR in Oscar’s?

One indication of the film’s success is that it was added to Variety Publication’s likely Oscar forecast list of “All Frontrunners Listed (Unranked-Alphabetical)” in the “Best Picture” category. The magazine also included actor Jr. NTR in the “Best Actor” category on the same list (Unranked-Alphabetical).

Fans of the film flocked to social media to share their delight at the news.

Some of the Tweets my the NTR fans and there view on this news:

Google, on the other hand, has recognised RRR’s global standing and placed a racing horse and a motorcycle to its search button, which will appear when queried with the phrase ‘RRR.’ To revel in the moment, navigate to the ‘Google Search’ tab and enter ‘RRR’.

This means that the Search Giant has finally acknowledged the RRR craze among enthusiasts.

Fans have given spectacular reactions to such an occasion.

RRR Oscar



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