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I Am Groot: Disney+ Review, Cast, Story, 2022 Release Date and Trailer

I Am Groot: Disney+ Review, Cast, Story, 2022 Release Date and Trailer

Groot’s debut appearance in the MCU instantly endeared the huge tree-like figure to people all over the world. This was a creature that could effortlessly annihilate whole groups of foes while remaining infantile in his attitude. Despite Groot’s initial success, it was a completely new Groot (according to James Gunn himself) who truly won over fans.

Baby Groot, as he became known, became a craze years before Baby Yoda graced television screens. Fans can still get their fill of Baby Groot in the new animated I Am Groot films available on Disney Plus, even if he has since matured into a grumpy adolescent.

I Am Groot could be one of the first series that stresses the Disney-Marvel alliance, emulating the spirit of some of Disney’s earlier animated shorts. The narrative is told entirely graphically, with minimal to no conversation. This permits writer and director Kirsten Lepore to make some interesting choices (who most recently worked as the animation director on Marcel the Shell with Shoes On). Lepore employs the animated medium exactly how it was intended: through motion, facial gestures, and visual flair.

I Am Groot
Releasing DateAugust 10, 2022
LanguagesEnglish / Hindi
GenreComedies, US Movies, Dramas, Action, Thriller
Cast&Crew:Vin Diesel
DIRECTORKirsten Lepore
PRODUCERBrad Winderbaum

Critic View on I Am Groot:

These stories are a lot of fun, and despite the fact that they don’t originate directly from James Gunn (though he does serve as an executive producer), they contain many of his characteristics without seeming like a cheap imitation of his style. These include the use of music as well as a highly-choreographed dance sequence. There are also several amusing disclaimers concealed in the end credits of each short (there are no post-credit sequences, but why would there be?).

Overall, despite the brief length of all the films combined, I Am Groot is a lot of fun and well worth seeing for any Marvel fan, or even fans of animated shorts in general. There is no need for prior knowledge of the MCU, however it may assist to contextualise some things. Even so, it’s great to see Baby Groot again before we see him again, maybe in his fully grown form, in the forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 reaches theatres.

I Am Groot is a five-episode series that depicts some of Baby Groot’s weird experiences, such as a mud bath that has unexpected side effects, a struggle against a bonsai tree, and some delicious arts and crafts that come at the expense of some fairly significant wreckage. Each episode is just four minutes long, including credits, so you can easily view the full collection in one sitting.




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