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What to expect after Honda introduced the CL300 scrambler.

The Honda CL300 has been unveiled by the automaker Honda. The scrambler has a 286cc liquid-cooled engine that produces 25.7 horsepower.

The engine and main frame of the Honda CL300 are based on those of the Rebel model, and a longer subframe is used to support a flat, single-piece seat. The vehicle has a 165mm ground clearance and a 790mm seat clearance. Similar to the Rebel 300, the scrambler’s engine is a 286cc single-cylinder unit that produces 25.7 horsepower and comes with a six-speed transmission.

The bike’s 16-inch wheels have been swapped out with 19- and 17-inch wheels. The bike has a slightly off-road appearance thanks to these tread-patterned tyres. The Honda CL300 is significantly improved in terms of appearance. The motorcycle will include dual-channel ABS and a single disc brake on each end.

Recall that the automaker recently debuted the CL500, a retro-style scrambler, as their newest cruiser at the 2022 EICMA. The fifth motorcycle in this engine series is this new 500 cc model. Honda has not yet decided whether or not to introduce the CL500 in India.

It’s interesting to note that the Honda CL500 was influenced by the CL motorcycles of the 1960s and 1970s. The goal of Honda, according to the firm, was to develop a lightweight motorcycle with off-road capabilities. The bike should therefore function well off-road and be rideable in urban areas.

In terms of power and torque, the scrambler’s 471 cc parallel twin-cylinder engine makes 46 PS and 43.4 Nm. The ECU has been customised for the CL500. To improve acceleration, the terminal drive is condensed. A six-speed gearbox and an assist/slipper clutch are included with the CL500.

ENGINE 286cc liquid-cooled engine
TRANSMISSION six-speed transmission
SUSPENSION41 mm telescopic forks and rear adjustable shocks
WHEEL SIZE19- and 17-inch wheels
PRICEAround 3 lacs

The main frame of the Honda CL500 is made of tubular steel trellis design. Long-travel suspension, which consists of front 41 mm telescopic forks and rear adjustable shocks, handles the suspension work. The bike’s front wheel is 19 inches in diameter, while the rear wheel is 17 inches. The automaker employs tyres with a block design. ABS modulation is specially matched for the front and rear brakes to improve performance on a range of conditions, including light off-road.

Honda ScramblerCL300




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