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Ferrari 499P Racecar 2023: Launch Date, Specifications, Price, Updates 2022

Ferrari 499P Racecar: Launch Date, Specifications, Price, Updates 2022: Ferrari’s new Le Mans Hypercar, which will compete in the elite division of the FIA WEC World Endurance Championship beginning in 2023, will be known by the code number 499P, which pays homage to the company’s past.

In the past, prototypes were denoted by the letter “P,” which was commonly followed by the unitary displacement number of the engine. Nothing special about the 499P. The vehicle is the result of a proudly historical vision that gave rise to the mythology of today and allowed the manufacturer to win 9 overall victories and 22 world championships at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Ferrari 499P Racecar

Ferrari 499P Racecar Specifications

The 2992-cc twin-turbocharged V-6, which has the same architecture as the 296GT3 but has been modified to meet the 499P’s particular purpose as a load-bearing section of the construction, is the engine that gives the 499P its moniker in the Ferrari racing tradition. A 900-volt battery pack that is charged by Ferrari’s Energy Recovery System (ERS), which recharges during braking and acceleration and doesn’t need an external power source, powers the electric motor at the front axle.

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Ferrari 499P Racecar Features

  • With the assistance of the Ferrari Styling Centre, which is run by Flavio Manzoni, the new Ferrari 499P’s design was improved. Simple, sinuous shapes have been used to accentuate the car’s technological and aerodynamic attributes, which is an unambiguous reflection of Ferrari’s DNA.
  • A distinct yet crucial architecture is defined by the harmony between tense lines and flowing surfaces, as represented in a futuristic, pure, and distinctive language. The prototype’s bodywork is formed from a flat surface, from which the side pods and wheel arches gracefully grow. Radiators hidden beneath the bodywork are cooled by aerodynamic flows that pass through the side pods and over the voids between the major ridges encircling the cockpit.
  • The Ferrari 499P incorporates innovations that represent the bleeding edge of motorsport technology and is built on a brand-new carbon-fiber monocoque chassis. The geometry of the double wishbone, push-rod-style suspension produces exceptional damping rigidity, the advantages of which are noticeable at both top speed and during cornering. The experience gained in the world of GT racing is used to develop and improve electronic systems.

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