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Bullet Train: Movie Review, Cast, Story, 2022 Release Date Trailer and storyline

Bullet Train: Movie Review, Cast, Story, 2022 Release Date Trailer and storyline

“Bullet Train” proceeds at a suitable quick speed, with Brad Pitt leading a large cast. However, the fast-paced action is tempered by a smart-alecky tone that is both inconsistent and oftentimes too adorable for its own good, as well as a mashup of genres – from the music to the cinematography – that comes off as a Quentin Tarantino want tobe, with a dash of “Deadpool” thrown in for good measure.

That latter influence should come as no surprise given that director David Leitch directed the “Deadpool” sequel in addition to working on the “John Wick” and “Fast & Furious” series. Pitt’s participation adds to the Tarantino echoes, having showed off his playfully macho side in Tarantino’s flicks, most famously winning an Oscar for “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood.”

The tale, though, which screenwriter Zak Olkewicz adapted from a Japanese book, lacks the fire to maintain that tone on a constant basis. Even many flashbacks to break up the narrative’s constricted area are insufficient to lend mystery to the activities of these strangers aboard a train.

Bullet Train
Releasing DateAugust 5, 2022
LanguagesEnglish / Hindi
GenreDramas, Thriller, Action
Cast&Crew:Brad Pitt 
Aaron Taylor
Brian Tyree Henry
Joey King
DIRECTORDavid Leitch
PRODUCERKelly McCormick

Critic View on Bullet Train:

If you read enough recent glossy-magazine pieces about Brad Pitt, you’ll notice certain patterns. He speaks respectfully about his childhood in the Ozarks and less so about his life as a superstar. He’s equally comfortable cracking off-the-cuff jokes as he is lecturing gravely about the “trade.” He’s cool but artsy, and he occasionally quotes Rumi and Rilke. He’ll happily pose in thousand-dollar costumes, but he swears he’ll never put his face on a movie poster. The adjective rueful appears frequently when discussing his grin or manner. He’s well-known, but he’s also sensitive—a man with a lot of capital-F feelings about his profession.

He portrays someone who tries not to draw notice but ends up being the main source of fascination. He infuses a quirky spirit into every scene, lending spice to the script’s lacklustre gags. Ladybug is pleased, if not delighted, by the scene of a stranger dying in front of him late in the film. The morbidly humorous scene implies that the assassin doesn’t believe a single koan he’s been dropping and genuinely enjoys his profession. Perhaps Pitt was indicating his own desire by immersing himself so completely in the character: he’ll talk about his dislike for being a public person, but he’ll never stop enjoying the attention he gets as long as he’s the one with the upper hand.




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