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BMW i Vision Dee: BMW has unveiled a new concept car that can change colours in seconds

BMW i Vision Dee: BMW has unveiled an incredible new car that can change colour using 240 E-ink panels, allowing you to give your car a new look whenever you want – but it could aid criminals in eluding the cops.


The German automaker BMW has unveiled a model with a distinct feature that may make police work more difficult. The BMW I Vision Dee concept car features a paint job that can be changed out in a matter of seconds. The vehicle also features cutting-edge digital innovations, such as head-up display technology, which projects critical driving information directly onto the inside of the windscreen.

This four-door saloon concept is based on BMW’s Neue Klasse platform, an entirely new structure that will underpin a wide range of future internal combustion engine, plug-in hybrid, and electric-powered BMW models, and is set to go into production in 2025.

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BMW i Vision Dee: Model & design

BMW previously stated that future models based on the Neue Klasse platform would include a head-up display unit capable of displaying information across the entire width of the windscreen, which is one of the primary features of the I Vision Dee. BMW claims the move is an attempt to extend the driver-car connection into the digital and virtual worlds, going beyond voice control and driving aid technologies.

The exterior design is similar to BMW’s Circular concept car, which debuted at the Munich auto show. The traditional kidney grille has been replaced by two digital panels, and the LED headlights have been redesigned as ‘phygital’ (physical-digital) symbols.

Depending on the task, the headlights change size and shape, and they also flash welcome and farewell messages. As a result, BMW claims that their new concept now has distinct expressions. The rear bonnet of the BMW I Vision Dee has a deep centre scallop, and the sides have taut surfacing with no feature lines or embellishment.

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