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Acura NSX 2023: Specs, Price, Engine and Models

Acura NSX 2023: The new Honda automobile will undoubtedly blow your mind with its safety, style, and functionality, which will make everyone fall in love with it at first sight.

The fresh new Acura NSX type s 2023 is a blended supercar with incredible performance. Its NSX is powered by twin-turbo V6 engines & three electric motors, which provide 573 horsepower & 476 pounds of torque. The NSX can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds. It is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 191 mile per hour.

Acura NSX 2023: Price

Vanquish………….$169,500.00 MSRP (est)

The new NSX, crafted by expert technicians at the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) and limited to 350 units worldwide, represents the pinnacle of aggressive driving worthy of the Type S badge.

While honoring its heritage via rigorous engineering and beautiful design, the NSX Type S pushes the frontiers of potential with greater power and sound for an even more adrenaline-fueled drive.

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Acura NSX 2023: Engine

The NSX Type S is the essence of Precision Crafted Performance—our philosophy that serves as the foundation of every decision we make. It is equal parts adrenaline and calm. The end product is a thrilling supercar unlike any other.

As you accelerate, feel the unfettered power of dual turbochargers from the GT3 Evo and Sport Hybrid electric motors, which provide 600-HP*. The NSX Type S is already shattering its own records, taking two seconds off its lap time around the legendary Suzuka racetrack.

The steering in Quiet and Sport modes is precise and accurate, yet light to the touch, which we believe is an attempt to make the NSX seem more nimble on a daily basis. However, such a layout feels out of place on such a high-performance car. The electric-power steering system adds weight in Sport Plus and Track settings. Regardless of the setting, the steering is precise, and the car reacts quickly to even the smallest of driver inputs.


Body & Looks:

The NSX is marketed as the everyday supercar, and it is definitely comfortable and intuitive enough for almost anybody to use as a daily driver. However, its cabin lacks the luxury feel and sumptuous features one would expect from an Acura, let alone one supposed to compete with the finest from England and Germany. Optional leather-and-faux-suede seats, a faux-suede headliner, and a carbon-fiber-trimmed steering wheel were included in our test vehicle. The bright red leather attracted to our younger employees, but some thought it was gaudy and immature.

Its trunk is placed directly behind the engine, which may make transporting your Häagen-Dazs difficult. In addition, we were able to accommodate only one of our carry-on baggage within the tiny trunk.


Speed 0 to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds, 191 mile per hour
Engine2.0-liter four-cylinder and two electric motors
Torque476 pounds of torque
Horsepower573 horsepower

Full Description video of Acura NSX 2023

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