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According to an official, the United States will send new weapons to Ukraine which worth about  $550 million.


According to a Pentagon statement, the assistance includes 75,000 rounds of 155 mm artillery ammunition.

US announced on monday that new lot of weapons for Ukraine forces will be alloted. New lot will also include ammunition for rocket launchers and artillery guns which are important for Ukraine army.

The deal which is around of $550 million .It includes HIMARS also known as high mobility advanced rocket systems and various types of ammunition.This was informed by National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

The statement also said that ” To meet Ukraine’s changing battlefield requirements, the US is always ready to collaborate with its allies and partners to provide Ukraine with key capabilities”.

By this the total military assistace by the US to Ukraine has reached $8.8 billion since President Joe Biden took office,according to Pentagon.

Previously weapons assistance was given from Washington to Kyiv which included:

  • Counter-Artillery Radars
  • Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles
  • Soviet-Made Helicopters
  • Shells and Light Armored Vehicles.

The war began on February 24 and till now it has caused many deaths and casualties. It also made many people to leave the country and stay away from their own country due to fear of their lives. Also, the fear of nuclear disaster is also present.

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